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Pet Industry News is Australia and New Zealand’s only pet trade magazine. Published four times a year, around 4000 copies of the magazine are sent free of charge to every pet-related business in our region including pet shops, aquariums, kennels & catteries, grooming business, wholesalers, major vets, etc


Illegal Plants in NSW

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Holiday pet planning: don’t fur-get to prepare!
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Victorian retailers are set to suffer this Friday following the Victorian Government’s decision to go ahead with a public holiday this Grand Final Friday, September 30, according to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA).

 The holiday was first introduced in 2015, and will result in many retailers choosing to close their doors, rather than bear the brunt of an additional day of penalty rates, which will see businesses having to pay staff 2.5 times their regular wage.

 ARA Executive Director, Russell Zimmerman, said the instatement of a public holiday on Grand Final Friday places unnecessary burden on retailers and the Victorian economy in general.

“Holding a public holiday this Friday comes at a significant cost to businesses, which will be forced to pay higher than usual wages to operate their stores.


“At the same time, Melbourne CBD businesses will more than likely experience lower foot traffic as a result of business closures on the day, diminishing what was a peak sales period prior to 2015,” Mr Zimmerman said.


“Retailers will be faced with the difficult choice between remaining open and paying incredibly high penalty rates, or closing and losing sales.”

This has been backed up by research from Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), which shows that in 2015 significantly large numbers of small, metropolitan, and regional businesses were severely impacted.

 Ai Group found 71 percent of businesses incurred additional labor costs, while 85 per cent of businesses closed, losing an otherwise valuable day of business.

 “Feedback from our retailers indicates that a majority do not support the public holiday, and many operators simply plan not to open.

 Reiterating the ARA’s 2015 stance, Mr Zimmerman said: “There will be no wages transfer through higher penalty rates being paid or the traditional net benefit from tourism during AFL Friday as workers and businesses abandon Melbourne CBD to stay at home.”






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