Australian Summer 2014
Vol 24 No 4


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Pet Industry News
Magazine for the People of the Pet Industries in Australasia
Pet Industry News is Australia and New Zealand’s only pet trade magazine. Published four times a year, around 4000 copies of the magazine are sent free of charge to every pet-related business in our region including pet shops, aquariums, kennels & catteries, grooming business, wholesalers, major vets, etc


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Why many of your pet fish will cost up to four times more after March 2015 !

Fact Sheet: Fish Quarantine changes due to Iridovirus

The aquarium industry is facing the most serious threat it has ever had to deal with since 1999. Changes due to commence March 1st., 2015, will significantly impact the industry. If you want to help and already know about this problem, then please go straight to the bottom of this document, where there is an action plan. If you want more information then please read on …..

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Dog Minding Business for Sale



 Location: Various locations across NSW

 Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is the largest provider of Guide Dogs and mobility aids for people with impaired vision in Australia. Thousands of people who are blind or vision impaired are able to achieve independence every year through specialised equipment and training.

We are seeking some enthusiastic volunteers to join our team to run BBQs on weekends at various locations across New South Wales.  

 Volunteers are needed between the hours of 8am to 4pm on Saturdays and/or Sundays, and we are planning a roster system to be in place so no long days will be required.

 Current available dates:

Alexandria on 7th & 8th February

North Penrith 2nd & 3rd May

 Your contributions may include:

 ·         Cooking on the BBQ

·         Selling/collecting sausage sales money from the public;

·         Assisting with set-up or pack-down of equipment and the area.

 This will be a great experience; working with other fun and dedicated volunteers and staff from Guide Dogs. All monies raised from the BBQ sales will improve the lives of people who are blind or vision impaired through independence and safe mobility.

 If you are reliable, personable and enthusiastic about the work of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT we would love to have you be part of the team!

Please send expressions of interest and your location to

 For more information call our Event Coordinator (02) 9412 9300 or visit


Casual pet sitters
CHOICE says consumers shouldn't
CIPS 2014 Report
German Shepherd
How healthy is that puppy on the website
Our Tribute to Birds in the Military
Pets at Home UK
Pets in Aged Care Grant Recipients
PetSmart Inc



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