Australian Spring 2015
Vol 25 No 3


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Pet Industry News
Magazine for the People of the Pet Industries in Australasia
Pet Industry News is Australia and New Zealand’s only pet trade magazine. Published four times a year, around 4000 copies of the magazine are sent free of charge to every pet-related business in our region including pet shops, aquariums, kennels & catteries, grooming business, wholesalers, major vets, etc


Sydney says bye bye biosecurity beagles

The last biosecurity beagles at Sydney International Airport have said their farewells after years of service safeguarding Australia from exotic pests and diseases that could affect our way of life.

 Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, said beagles had served Australia well for more than 20 years as one of the surveillance technologies used to protect our agricultural industries, economy and environment.

The real Rawhide Story

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PIAA Industry network meetings

The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) is looking to implement a calendar of member network meetings across all sectors in all states. These meetings are not only a great way of catching up with fellow PIAA and industry members, but also a chance to hear what has been happening at PIAA.  The first of what we hope to be many revamped member network meetings was held the evening of August 11 at The Pet Shop Eastgardens in Sydney. Read the full story

In the US - Petco plans to go public

Petco plans to go public again almost nine years after two private equity firms bought the pet store operator.

The filing comes shortly after Petco competitor PetSmart was taken private.

For the purpose of calculating a filing fee, Petco said Monday it expects to raise $100 million through an initial public offering. That amount can change.

Petco has around 1,400 stores around the U.S. and 13 in Mexico that are run through a joint venture. Petco says it earned net income of $75 million in its latest fiscal year. Its profits have fallen over the last two years, but have improved over the first half of the current fiscal year. The company’s annual revenue grew to $4 billion. For a full report click here.

The Lost Dogs’ Home response to the Victorian Government’s audit report

The Lost Dogs’ Home welcomes the audit report released today by Minister Pulford into our compliance under the Code of Practice because every cat and dog at the Home is cared for with compassion. Read more

Rats help in clearing land mines

Throughout the world, places that have been involved in war and/or civil strife often have large   minefields that still need clearing. In 2013, it was estimated that there was a global average of around nine mine-related deaths every day. The situation is especially dire in Africa. Read more

About Penalty Rates

 A draft report from the Productivity Commission has recommended Sunday penalty rates for cafes, hospitality, entertainment, restaurants and retailing should be aligned with Saturday rates. Read more

Greencross announces FY2015 full year result

Greencross’ Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey David said “FY2015 has been another year of substantial growth for Greencross. We increased the size of our network by 35% extending our reach to more Australasian pet owners with our integrated pet care platform. I am delighted to report that we delivered another year of strong LFL sales from our existing clinics and stores whilst leveraging our scale to improve our EBITDA margin. In FY2015 we not only delivered a 77% increase in underlying NPAT, we strengthened our foundations for another year of strong revenue and earnings growth in FY2016.” - For a full report click here.

Cane toads potentially lucrative export in cancer fight

Wait before you whack that toad. Not only is it frowned upon to kill cane toads inhumanely, but the amphibian’s venom could be worth a bucket-load.

That’s the message from The University of Queensland School of Pharmacy’s
Dr Harendra Parekh, who is exploring how cane toad venom can be used to fight cancer. Read more

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