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CASCO Europe Ltd


Units 23 & 24 Lawson Hunt Industrial Park Horsham West Sussex RH12 3JR United Kingdom



Tel: +44  1403 248 244

Fax +44 1403 218 347

Email: contactus@cascoeurope.com

Web: www.cascoaustralia.com


Pet and aquatic shopfittings suppliers


CASCO Europe is bringing to Australia their wide experience in pet and aquatic shopfittings by accomplishing recently a few installations in different regions of Australia. First big installation was done in Kargoorlie, for the company Planet Pet and Aquarium where CASCO installed a big aquatic section, bird and animal units as well as dog boxes. Illuminated header panels with graphics made the installation spectacular. Anna Zawilinska, European Sales Executive explains how CASCO put their first steps into the Australian market: “We always had many enquiries from Australia but the distance between our production facilities in Europe and Australia seemed to be an issue. The reality showed that it is not. We have great logistic solutions and delivering to Australia is not a bigger cost than delivery by trucks around the Europe. Yes, there is more time needed but if you know when your store is going to be opened, you can plan everything in advance and CASCO equipment will always arrive on time”. Anna adds “We have a huge worldwide engineer’s team and they are ready to come and help you with the installation. They just jump to the plane and will be with you within a couple of days. Not mentioning about the professional service help desk that is available for you every day.”

 The success story from Kargoorlie opened the Australian market for CASCO. Positive feedback about their equipment and professional customer approach is spreading further and there are already a few more containers on the way. In the meantime, CASCO also started a cooperation with a big Australian chain Best Friends accomplishing first installations in their stores.

 CASCO Europe is a global business specialising in pet and aquatic shopfittings providing superior hand crafted store fixtures to display a wide range of livestock, from tropical fish and reptiles to small animals and exotic birds. The quality of CASCO construction and the depth of their experience with two manufacturing facilities in Europe are very high. CASCO product is welded and very strong and long lasting, unlike their competitor’s. It’s also a lot safer as the racks can be earthed for electrical safety. They are also quicker and easier to install. “CASCO equipment is built for strength, built for safety, built for speed, built to move”.

To see CASCO videos as well as for more information about their products, please go to www.cascoeurope.com or contact them on 00441403248244 or via email contactus@cascoeurope.com.