Aqua Premium

We are a Wholesaler in Australia & New Zealand which Specializes in Aquarium and Pond Related products.

All our on road Sales Reps have extensive Aquarium Knowledge and come from the Aquarium Retail sector.

We sell to Aquarium & Pet Retail Shop Fronts Australia and New Zealand as well as Garden Nurseries.

We have our own Sales Reps, Vehicles, Trucks, Warehousing and Dispatch facilities which regularly land containers.

We are an Energetic and highly driven company which is very active on Social Media and YouTube.

The brands we are currently distributing are Aquael, Universal Rocks, Cermedia MarinePure, Dainichi Fish Foods & Poly-filter, Easy-Life Products, New Life Spectrum Fish Food, JBL Aquarium Products (AUS Only), Nisso Aquarium Products from Japan, Aqua-Pics Aquarium Supplements, Independent Store brand Products, Aquarium detox & Vivid Products, Pet Inn and Comfy Pet Products just to name a few.

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4 / 9 Bosci Rd, Ingleburn, New South Wales, Australia10048 02 9618 0840