Beyond the Sea Reef Supplies

Beyond the Sea Reef Supplies provides the Australian market with exceptional marine aquarium equipment.

AutoAqua – Manufacture or automatic aquarium products like the smart ATO micro to make aquarium keeping easier with automation

Bashsea – Based in Michigan USA – Bashsea are the USA leaders in aquarium acrylic manufacturing – Products include Twisted skimmers, Media reactors, Pellet master reactors and their line of signature series sumps lead the way in design and filtration needs

Marcorock – Alternative base rock supplier from the USA– mined inland from fossilised sea beds – alternative to man made rock and live rock for a environmental alternative solution

ME Corals – Based in the USA supplying high grade supplements for marine Aquarium keeping – Alk, Calc, Mag, Coral dips, glues

Sunpole – DC pump manufacturer providing quality products backed by a Quick easy warranty service

Warner marine – Based in California USA – manufacturer of Ecobak – regarded as the best value bio pellet – longer lasting and more effective then its competitors

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