30 August 2019

We have reviewed the canine influenza virus (CIV) chapter of the Importation of dogs and cats and their semen from approved countries: final policy review (2013).

The review found that dogs from countries affected by CIV are a biosecurity risk to Australia but that canine semen is not.

Imports of dogs from approved countries where CIV is present will be able to continue but from 2 December 2019 the dogs must have been vaccinated against the disease prior to export to Australia.

There will be no change to biosecurity requirements for canine semen. The revised chapter is available on our website.

We initiated this review following changes to the global distribution of CIV and the identification of CIV in an imported dog in the Australian post entry quarantine facility. The review takes into account current scientific information, international standards developed by the World Organisation for Animal Health, and relevant importation policies adopted by other countries.

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Dr Jill Millan
A/g Assistant Secretary
Animal Biosecurity
Email animal@agriculture.gov.au