Dr Beth Cookson has been appointed to the role of Australian Chief Veterinary Officer (ACVO) following the retirement of Dr Mark Schipp.

Dr Cookson, who was appointed Deputy ACVO in March 2022, brings a wealth of diverse experience from more than 15 years in policy and operational roles and across the agriculture, fisheries, and forestry portfolios.

Her work on the Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy, and in the Biosecurity Animal and Operations Divisions before being appointed Deputy ACVO in March 2022, has been vital to the ongoing success of the department.

She has extensive experience in the design and delivery of animal health surveillance programs in northern Australia, delivering biosecurity capacity building programs in nearby neighbouring countries, biosecurity import risk analysis, and international trade negotiation.

The ACVO works to address major animal health issues of national interest, such as the threat of antimicrobial resistance, and enhancing trade and market access for animals and animal products.

Her important focus on northern Australia, including working with industry and strengthening partnerships with our near neighbours, will continue as ACVO.

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