The Albanese Government’s allocation of $5 million for the development of a new national strategy for animal welfare has been welcomed by the Australian Alliance for Animals.

The Australian Animal Welfare Strategy will re-establish a national framework for priority setting and associated national standards, and measures for the improvement of animal welfare outcomes.

Dr Jed Goodfellow, Policy Director at the Alliance for Animals, said Australia has been without national leadership on animal welfare for over a decade after the former Abbott Government abolished the previous national strategy in 2013.

“Since then, progress on improving animal welfare standards has stagnated with Australia falling behind much of the developed world, receiving a ‘D’ ranking in the World Animal Protection Index.

“National leadership and coordination on animal welfare is so desperately needed in a federated country like Australia so this funding announcement is very welcome news.”

Goodfellow said he hopes it will lead to a more cooperative and progressive approach to animal welfare policy and standards development where science and community expectations are placed at the heart of the decision-making process.

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