Five of Australia’s peak dog breeding organisations have raised $40,000 for war-impacted dog breeders and their dogs in Ukraine.

Dogs Australia’s member bodies DOGS NSW, DOGS Queensland, Dogs Victoria, Dogs West, and Dogs Tasmania raised $20,000 with Dogs Australia matching the contribution dollar for dollar.

The funds will be donated to the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the World Canine Organisation, which has opened a special bank account for the Ukrainian Kennel Union.

Hugh Gent OAM, President of Dogs Australia, said the war has placed breeders and their dogs at great risk and they wanted to help their Ukrainian friends who have been affected.

“There are many wonderful dog people in Ukraine, and we wanted to show our solidarity. Ukraine is well known as a professional organiser of dog shows and was due to hold the FCI World Dog Show in 2023.

“The international dog breeding community is very close-knit, and we have all been devastated to hear that many breeders and their dogs are living in terrible conditions, many of them in hiding, or they’ve had to flee to other countries to save their own lives and those of their beloved dogs. But they have not abandoned their dogs, and they need as much help as possible.”

Yves De Clercq, Executive Director of FCI, said in a thank-you letter to Dogs Australia that the money will be used professionally, transparently, and efficiently to help Ukrainian breeders and their dogs, either in their home country or in their rehoming country.

“They and their dogs all badly need the international help, and your attitude shows your solidarity, empathy, and concern for our Ukrainian friends.”

Those wishing to donate to Ukrainian breeders and their dogs can visit this link. All money will be used entirely and solely to help breeders and their dogs.

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