 Our Pet’s are not only a companion, they are members of our family. Ensuring they lead a stimulating, healthy and supportive lifestyle is essential to a long and happy life.

There is no mistaking the fact that our Pet’s feel much more comfortable and settled when they have their own place to live. The traditional Kennel has been a main-stay in Australian households for many years, and has helped countless Pet Parents “effectively” train their Pet’s, and calm their minds by giving them a place to return to when they need. Biccies Luxury Pet Products aims to bring us closer to our Pet’s, and have developed an indoor bed and housing that your Pet will love calling home.

Our bed’s and canopies are produced locally in Australia, and they are produced using the highest quality locally sourced materials available in the market.

Our bed’s provide the most joint support, can be coupled with light-therapy components and Bowl holders, and will ultimately ensure your Pet knows his or her routine when it comes to bed time or discipline time!

Producing products from local sources, and shipping products locally helps to ensure our Carbon footprint remains low, and helps keep our local economy moving.

The Biccies Luxury Pet Products beds can be returned once finished with, and re-manufactured to ensure the product is as “circular” as possible given the materials used. Your Pet will love their highly comfortable Bed, our economy will love your support and the Planet will love the fact that there is that little bit less waste in the world.