Puppies and kittens have natural protective systems that support their health throughout life. These consist of the immune and digestive systems and the protective shield provided by their skin and coat, which develop rapidly in their first twelve months.

They need optimal nourishment at this crucial stage to ensure their bones and muscles develop properly and to help their natural protective systems grow in harmony to optimise overall protection. That’s why Purina veterinarians and nutritionists have developed PRO PLAN Puppy and PRO PLAN Kitten formulas, to give them the specialised nourishment they need to give them a head  start in life.   

How do Puppies and Kittens develop in their first year

Puppies and kittens undergo enormous changes from the day they are born till they become fully grown:

  • Their digestive system will double in weight within 24 hours of birth.
  • By 3 weeks, the enzyme levels in their digestive system will have multiplied several times over since birth.
  • As they grow, their digestive capabilities will develop as well.

After receiving their passive immune antibodies from their mother’s milk in the form of Colostrum, their immune system reaches a low at 3 weeks of age and remains low until 5 months of age. During this time, they experience an ‘immunity gap’. Therefore, they need a highly nutritious diet that supports their protective systems during this time.

A puppy’s and kitten’s coat is composed of approximately 95% protein, and as much as 30% of the protein in their daily diet is used for normal hair and skin growth. If their skin and coat are in poor condition, it may mean they are not getting the nourishment they need. These signs can develop much faster in young puppies because their hair replacement cycle is shorter than an adult’s. In the puppy’s diet, linoleic acid, an important omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins A and E, plus high-quality protein support a healthy skin and a protective, lustrous coat – an outward sign of good health.

Protect them just like their mother did by helping to bridge the immunity gap

Puppies and kittens receive antibodies from their mother’s milk that give them a certain level of immunity. Once weaned, antibody levels will drop, leaving a gap in the protection while their own immune system develops. The immune system remains low until 5 months.

Introducing PRO PLAN Puppy and Kitten Dry Food. Purina nutritionists and veterinarians have developed a diet to help bridge the ‘immunity gap’ containing natural antibodies from a special form of cow’s milk (called Colostrum) that is proven to enhance the immune system and help to reinforce the natural protection their mother gave them. What’s more, these natural antibodies also help to balance the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in their digestive tract and help them to absorb the nutrients, gain weight and thrive.

PRO PLAN Puppy and Kitten Dry Food formulas also contain DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, to nourish brain and vision development, are made with real meat as the first ingredient, with no added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. New pet owners can have peace of mind that they are feeding their beloved pet everyday advanced nutrition, with scientifically proven benefits to give pets the best possible nutrition for a longer, healthy life.