Companion Animal Network Australia (CANA) has launched its Pets in Business program to help employers set up pet-friendly policies.

Currently, 64 per cent of workplaces do not have policies in place to support pets joining them, and the Pets in Business program would help develop policies that would meet the needs of the business, non-pet owners, and pet-owning staff.

Trish Ennis, CEO of CANA, said now more than ever, pets are an integral part of Australian’s lives.

“With many companies continuing to have employees split their working week between home and the office, it’s no surprise people want to bring their pets to the workplace too.”

Research shows that 85 per cent of Australian dog owners would go into the office more if they could take their pets, while 63 per cent of employees in pet-friendly workplaces are “very satisfied” with their work environment, which is twice as many as those in workplaces where pets are not allowed.

“Creating a pet-friendly workplace involves carefully balancing the interests and rights of all employees, ensuring the welfare of the animals and managing the associated liability risks.

“Plus, not every workplace is suitable for pets; for instance, a warehouse or other area that operates high-risk machinery. Some animals are also prohibited, such as snakes, spiders and uncaged bunnies who can chew up cords! All pets need to be trained and not cause disruptions, such as reactive dogs that tend to bark at other people or animals,” said Ennis.

CANA’s Pets in Business program provides free resources to support the workplace, such as Pet Resume, Pet Friendly Workplace and Pet Free Zone Posters, Rules for Pets and Humans, and Office Pet Roster.

“As some companies struggle to persuade employees to spend more time working onsite, implementing a pet-friendly policy might be the perfect solution for creating happier and more productive workplaces.”

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