If you’re in the market for new pet foods, pet products or pet food ingredients, Food Export can connect you to a wide variety of innovative and high quality products and suppliers from the US.

Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast are non-profit international trade organisations, which help importers and buyers discover the diverse range of pet product offerings available from the US. Food Export facilitates one-on-one meetings, sends buyers to US trade shows on expense-paid trade missions and can connect you with hundreds of export ready products and suppliers from its database.   

With plentiful raw ingredients and a variety of manufacturers, the Midwest and Northeast region are leading suppliers of pet products including cat and dog foods, treats, nutritional supplements and pet health products. They also lead the world in pet food additives research and innovation.

Food Export research shows a number of product and ingredients trends emerging in the US market including an increase in grain demand (consumers are switching back to grains in pet food following the FDA research study into the health impacts to dogs in some grain free products), non-mainstream gourmet proteins including duck, fish and Bison and increased by-product demand as consumers seek more sustainable products.

Food Export is also seeing the development of new pet product innovations including adaptogens for stress management and wellbeing, new ingredients and additives such as insect protein, CBD and neurotropics. Many are still in the development and approval stages but certainly on the customer horizon.   

Food Export is well placed to connect buyers, importers and manufacturers with suppliers across the region. Get in touch with the Australia and New Zealand In-Market representative John Arnold for more information on the program and to get you connected.

Call John Arnold on +61 415 375 558 or email hello@foodexportanz.org