Greencross has strengthened its leading network of veterinary clinics and specialty emergency hospitals by acquiring Dermatology for Animals (DFA).

Founded in 1988 by Dr Mike Shipstone (pictured), DFA specialises in managing skin and ear cases for all animal species. The team of specialist veterinarians’ expertise allows them to diagnose and treat complex cases such as chronic and severe skin and ear disease, using techniques such as intradermal allergy testing and desensitisation therapy, video otoscopic examination of ears and MRI of the middle ear.

The partnership is a momentous step for Greencross, as it will be the first specialist dermatology service offering for its network.

Currently, Greencross has dermatologists at the Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre (MSVC) in Victoria, the Adelaide Veterinary Specialist and Referral Centre (AVSARC) in South Australia, and the Animal Referral Hospital in Canberra.

DFA is the largest specialist veterinary dermatology service across Queensland with its services covering most of the state, also extending to Alice Springs, Darwin and Northern NSW, and Greencross is delighted to now have a partnership with DFA.

Dr Michelle Kellaway (Dries), Chief Operating Officer, Vet Services, Greencross, said the partnership is very exciting news for both businesses.

“We are excited for the DFA team to share their specialist dermatology knowledge with our experienced veterinarians and to now have this specialist in-house team for our vets to easily refer their complex cases. Likewise, we are happy we can unite the DFA team with our own and offer them access to our support network of talented veterinarians nationwide and to our industry leading employee benefits. A very exciting future is ahead for us all.”

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