A $2.5 million grant program by the NSW Government aims to provide improved emergency response for pets and livestock during extreme weather events.

The Mobile Animal Care Services 2022 Grant Program is now open for eligible businesses that provide services such as mobile companion animal and livestock care services, such as routine treatment and preventative care, first aid, mobile/portable holding and transport, or mobile veterinary clinic services.

Dugald Saunders, Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW, said this new program is specifically to fund mobile animal care services, such as trucks or vans, to bolster animal care and capabilities during these peak critical times and enable more efficient rescue and treatment of pets and livestock during an emergency response.

“In the flood events on the North Coast, mobile animal care service vehicles played an important role in supporting the emergency response and recovery of impacted communities. Our goal is to help minimise the devastating consequences of any future natural disasters and to be even more prepared to care for animals in urgent need.”

Saunders said that the vehicles will be an instrumental resource to provide routine treatments and preventative care for pets and livestock in areas of need, particularly in regional areas experiencing a shortage of animal care providers or services.

To be eligible for the grant, applicants must be a non-government incorporated not-for-profit with an ABN or CAN. If the applicant plans on providing veterinary services, they must comply with NSW Veterinary Practitioners Board licensing requirements. The Board must refuse to grant a license unless the applicant is a veterinary practitioner.

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