The “world’s first” ever frog masterclass is now available through Kellyville Pets’ online educational portal, Petopia, and is perfect for frog owners or frog lovers.

The two-hour masterclass, presented by conservationist Ben Dassen, delivers accurate, easy to understand and up-to-date information on the care and conservation of frogs all in a highly engaging and cinematic format.

Dassen said as frogs increase in popularity as pets across the country, the masterclass was a natural progression.

“There has been a massive surge in interest surrounding frogs as pets in recent years. They make the most fascinating and unique pets. They have endearing personalities and their natural behaviours are so interesting to observe. Compared to more traditional pets they are also relatively low maintenance so are a great alternative for people with busy lifestyles or small backyards.”

Filmed across the arid regions of Central Australia to the rainforests of Queensland, the masterclass is a documentary style journey aimed at teaching people not only about the frogs themselves, but the issues they currently face and what is being done to protect them.

“With the devastating Chytrid Fungus wiping out frog populations globally for many years and the recent unexpected dying of frogs over the past few months in Australia, there has never been a more important time for people to learn about these amazing and critically important creatures than now.”

The frog masterclass joins a catalogue of other online masterclasses including Bearded Dragon, Python, and Turtle.

To find out more about the frog masterclass click here.