The Australian Alliance for Animals has congratulated Tara Moriarty on her appointment as the new Minister for Agriculture in NSW.

Moriarty was appointed the position following the successful election of the Minns Labor Government in NSW.

Dr Jed Goodfellow, Policy Director at Alliance for Animals, said they were looking forward to working with Moriarty and the Minns Government on delivering animal welfare reforms in NSW.

“Animal welfare is such an important part of the Agriculture portfolio – the NSW community cares deeply about the way animals are treated and change is long overdue.

“Unfortunately, NSW holds the unenviable title of the puppy farming capital of Australia, and it has the most outdated animal welfare legislation in the country.”

Goodfellow said amongst NSW Labor’s animal welfare policy commitments were introducing a new animal welfare framework to replace the outdated Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979, establishing an independent Office of Animal Welfare, banning puppy farming, and implementing the national Animal Welfare Standards for Poultry including a phase out of battery cages.

“We’re looking forward to working with Minister Moriarty on delivering NSW Labor’s full suite of animal welfare policy commitments.”

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