• Livestock exporters
  • Department officers

To advise stakeholders of the release of the 48th edition of the IATA LAR.

Key points
  • Standard 6.1.13 of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) requires livestock exported by air to comply with the IATA LARs.
    • Where there is a variance between the IATA LAR and ASEL, ASEL applies.
  • To obtain a copy of the 2022 edition of the IATA LARs, and download a list of significant changes and amendments, please visit
  • The new edition will come into effect from 1 January 2022.
    • Until this time, the current LAR (47th edition) applies.

This advice follows recommendations from the 2019 Technical Advisory Committee Review of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock: Air Transport Review, that:

  • the standards include a provision that the IATA Regulations, as amended and in force from time to time, shall apply to the export of livestock by air from Australia, unless there is a variance with the ASEL, in which case the ASEL should apply
  • the department releases an Export Advisory Notice when the IATA Regulations are amended.