Ornamental Fish International (OFI) has held its Annual General Meeting (AGM), including the re-election of its board.

There were five executive board member positions up for re-election, including OFI President, Shane Willis from National Aquaculture Training Institute in Australia.

The other four members up for re-election were Svein A. Fosså (Vice president), Akvariekonsulenten, Norway; Dr Tim Miller-Morgan, Oregon University, USA; Lim Meng Huat, Apollo Aquarium, Singapore; and Ekembra Koroye, Avis Aquarium Supply, Nigeria. All were re-elected unopposed.

There were two Board of Advisors position up for re-election with Ran Epsteen, Colors, Israel re-elected and a new candidate Ike Peng, Aquababe, China also elected unopposed.

As well as the normal business the AGM featured three presentations discussing the challenges the aquarium industry faces globally and within the EU, as well as un update of what impact COVID-19 has had on the aquarium industry in terms of international.

Willis, the re-elected President of OFI, commented that the past three years have been challending for the industry and around the world.

“It’s great to have the support of our members in our Executive and Board of Advisors,” he said.

“Rising freight costs, and lack of flights have made it difficult for many of our members, and now due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine we see further pressure on freight and fuel costs, which causes uncertainty and more pressure to our markets. However, we have seen significant increases in the demand for aquarium fish and related products over the past three years, which is very positive for us.”

OFI is the peak international trade association representing the ornamental fish industry since its inception in 1980. It represents members from more than 30 countries around the world and includes members from all sectors of the industry.

OFI represents and promotes the interests of the industry through lobbying to various institutions around the world; as well as educating industry and hobbyists in responsible and sustainable best practices.

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