South Australian based animal welfare charity Paws for Change has joined forces with a prominent Indonesian rescue foundation to embark on a transformative initiative in Bali.

The ground-breaking collaboration between Paws for Change and Bali Rescue Dog Squad will see the establishment of Rescuetopia – a purpose-built sanctuary designed to provide refuge, rehabilitation and a second chance for sick, injured and homeless dogs in Bali.

Paws for Change founder, Annie Leo, said the partnership is unique and underscores the significance of a collective effort towards sustainable change in animal welfare practices.

“It’s very fitting to be making this announcement just ahead of International Dog Day – an occasion that serves as a reminder of the countless dogs in need of rescue and care every year,” Ms Leo said.

“The issue is particularly prevalent in Bali where many dog owners find themselves unable to cover the costs of sterilisation leading to a significant rise in the local dog population and causing a surge in street dogs.

“One female dog and her offspring can produce more than 60,000 puppies in just 6 years and that’s why our sterlisation and vaccination programs are so important.

“We’ve been able to secure a large 2,200sqm land lot close to the Canggu area, to construct Rescuetopia that we hope to have up and running by the middle of 2024.”

Bali Rescue Dog Squad Founder, Alison Gray, said as the project and partnership gains momentum, Rescuetopia emerges as a symbol of hope and compassion, signaling a brighter future for Bali’s vulnerable dog population.

“Annie and I have been able to fund the early stages of development through our own charitable efforts however we’re now inviting support from the community to ensure the successful realisation of Rescuetopia’s full potential,” Ms Gray said.

“Annie and I embarked on our journey together several years ago, and since then, we have been tirelessly dedicated to conducting numerous sterilisation, vaccination and educational initiatives across Bali.

“This official partnership and the construction of Rescuetopia solidifies our shared purpose that we hope will flourish further over time, bringing positive change and lasting impact to the communities we serve.”