Pet One has donated over $22,000 wholesale price Pet One products to the Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW to aid flood victims in Northern NSW.

The donations included dog and cat beds, toys, coats, harnesses, leads, bowls, and small animal housing, and allow vets and pet owners to provide their pets with comfort, warmth, security, and safety.

A spokesperson from Pet One said they chose to donate to AWL NSW as they knew that they, together with the Department of Primary Industries, had specific storage, distribution, and drop off points ready for donated items to be distributed in a timely manner so.

“When we first heard of the floods in Northern NSW and surrounding areas, we heard that a lot of help was needed for individuals and families who have lost everything. When we think of families, we think of them and their pets which prompted us to help.

“We identified products through liaising with our staff in the affected areas, and partners on ground to determine the magnitude of the floods and what was most necessary and needed in those areas.”

Pet One said there are essentials still needed as families and pets have lost so much and floods are impacting the area once again.

“There are many resources online which companies and organisations can help with, as well as on the ground volunteer help. We are working out items that are still in need with the AWL.”

Pet One said they try to help where they can, and regularly donate locally and nationwide to inspire others to keep, nurture, and provide the best environment for their pets.

“The benefits of having pets are invaluable and we hope to encourage, educate, and inspire others with pet keeping.”

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