Puppies that eat raw tripe, organ meats, and human meal leftovers may be less likely to develop allergies as an adult dog.

The study, conducted by the University of Helsinki, examined 4022 dogs to determine whether their diets affected the likelihood of developing allergy/atopy skin signs (AASS) as adults.

“Eating raw tripe, raw organ meats, fish oil supplements and human meal leftovers during puppyhood were identified as significant potential protective factors of AASS incidence.”

The study also found that by eating fruits, mixed oil supplements, dried animal parts, and drinking from outside puddles during puppyhood could increase the potential of AASS incidence.

“Eating fruits during puppyhood was significantly and positively associated with AASS incidence in later life. Surprisingly, many owners reported that they often offer their dogs canned fruits, which usually contains added sugar.

“The sugariness of newly bred fruit’s cultivars has also continued to increase. High sugar intake early in life induces metabolic dysregulation and gut inflammation that results in negative alterations in gut microbial communities.”

The findings saw that by changing the puppy’s eating patterns to 80 per cent dry food and 20 per cent raw food could significantly decrease the risk of AASS later in life.