Real Pet Food Company (RPFC) has announced its entry into the growing pet supplements market with the acquisition of Australian-based pet supplement start-up, People for Pets.

The acquisition marks RPFC’s first entry into the pet supplement category, a segment which David Grant, CEO, RPFC, says represents significant opportunity for the business.

“There is huge potential for growth in this space,” Grant told Pet Industry News. “It is underdeveloped vs the US market or even Asia, and we know pet care follows human trends, so the potential for supplements in the pet category is significant.”

People for Pets was built by a team of former Blackmores and P&G executives and has demonstrated impressive growth since its foundation in 2021. It recently launched Nectar of the Dogs, the first range of Australian made, plant-based, medicinal water treats.

Nectar of the Dogs was formulated to exacting, evidence-based standards in collaboration with vet surgeons and naturopaths. It uses organic and human-grade ingredients setting a new standard for dog supplements.

“Nectar of the Dogs is a slightly niche, unique brand, but the product itself and the consumer reaction is what sold it to us,” Grant said.

“The segment of supplements is exciting, and we know that with the team from People for Pet’s experience and spirit that this was a great match for us. We are excited to partner with People for Pets and look forward to expanding into the pet supplement space.”

Through the partnership, RPFC will work to grow the People for Pets brand both domestically and in key global markets.

“The team at People for Pets have a bunch of new ideas in this segment of the pet market and we can’t wait to work with them to bring the ideas to life,” continued Grant.

RPFC is investing alongside founder and ongoing shareholder and employee of People for Pets Gabriel Perera, who said: “This is an exciting partnership for People for Pets because we can combine the entrepreneurial style and natural animal health expertise that has made us successful to date, with RPF’s experience, resources, capabilities and international reach as a values-led, Australian global pet care leader.”