No apartment building in NSW will now be allowed to have a blanket ban on pets following a surprise NSW Court of Appeal ruling that overturned the right of blocks to pass bylaws prohibiting animals.

The verdict follows a four-and-a-half-year battle by dog lover Jo Cooper to be permitted to keep her miniature schnauzer Angus in the prestigious Horizon building in Darlinghurst that has always had a pet ban.

On hearing the final verdict, after a legal fight that looked likely to cost her $250,000, Ms Cooper, a singer in her 30s, collapsed in tears. “She’s delighted but is totally unable to speak,” said one supporter, Claire Hooper.

“It’s such a fantastic outcome for her, and for everyone, and it’s such a weight off her shoulders. She hasn’t yet stopped sobbing.”

The court also ruled that the 43-storey Horizon should be liable for the costs of all the hearings, which could amount to as much as $500,000 in total for the owners.

The chair of Horizon, Marilyn Robertson, said she hadn’t had the chance yet to speak to her lawyer. “But it is what it is,” she said.

“And we can now get on with life. I had hoped for it go to one way, but it’s gone the other way, and it’s far too early yet to say what we’ll do next.”

Image: Jo Cooper with her miniature schnauzer Angus. Photo: James Alcock

Source: Domain