March is Sleep Awareness Month, and STAN Pet Beds, the world’s first patented therapeutic, non-toxic bed for animals, is on a mission to give pets a good night’s sleep.

Founded by Michelle Cummins in 2012, following a personal experience of poor pet sleep with her Tonkinese cat Henry, Cummins developed the bed and saw that it provided Henry with all round support in winter and summer, promoted healing, and helped to improve his well-being and happiness.

After years of research and testing, STAN (Safe, Therapeutic, Australian, and Non-Toxic) Pet Beds became patented in 2019, and today the range caters to dogs of all breeds and sizes, is designed for all life stages, and is even being used by horses.

“In an unregulated and oversaturated market of pet bedding, STAN Pet Beds stands alone in both benefit and safety for pets,” said Cummins.

“A STAN Pet Bed is designed to support deeper sleep [REM or Rapid Eye Movement, stage of sleep when most dreams happen], which is essential for physical restoration, brain function and emotional wellbeing.

“From the cushioning of the body by the dual layers within the mattress to the absence of neurotoxic, sleep disrupting chemicals, a STAN Pet Bed allows the body to fully relax and repair during periods of REM. The species-appropriate temperature achieved in the various sizes will either assist the body to warm down post-activity or support thermoregulation in older pets.”

Cummins has been studying canine sleep and natural health for more than 12 years, working with holistic animal practitioners and expanding her learnings in nutrition, toxicity, and stress. She is also pursuing an international qualification in zoopharmacognacy, the study of animals self-selecting medicine in the wild.

“As with humans, good sleep hygiene is also important for the health and wellbeing of our furry friends,” explained Cummins.

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