In this latest edition of Pet Industry News, we dive into the fascinating world of avian and exotic pets, sustainability in the pet industry, and the recently held IndePet Conference in Fiji.

Avian and exotic pets have captivated our imaginations for centuries, enchanting us with their vibrant colours, unique personalities, and intriguing behaviours. In this issue, we shine a spotlight on these extraordinary creatures, providing valuable insights into their care, health, and the responsible practices that ensure their well-being.

Sustainability has become a pivotal concern across industries worldwide, and the pet industry is no exception. We delve into the initiatives taken by pet industry leaders to reduce their carbon footprint, implement eco-friendly packaging, and develop sustainable sourcing practices.

We also head to the dreamy island nation of Fiji for IndePet’s 2023 ‘Level Up’ Conference where a week of learning, networking, and fun was had by all. At this conference, Britney Westaway was recognised as IndePet’s Rising Star, and in this issue, we get to know Westaway, and hear about her career in the industry.

Finally, we head to the harbourside city of Coffs Harbour to learn how combining a passion for animals and a desire to educate and give back to the local community has made Brontosaurus Pet Super Centre the thriving independent pet store it is today.

We hope you get as much joy from reading this issue as we did putting it together.

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