The bat-ears, short snout, large head, innocent looks, and cute face; Gosh! French Bulldogs, aka Frenchies, are indeed among the sweetest of all dog breeds.

The reasons for Frenchie’s popularity lies in the secret of them being the most loyal, lovable, and playful dog. Their rise in popularity also tells us that they make up a great family pet too.

Keeping a pet when you’re living on your own is one thing, while keeping a pet with a family is a totally different experience. With kids and house responsibilities around, there are extra considerations to look into before getting a pet. With family, you need a pet that is easygoing and gets along with kids.

To save all bets, Frenchie is a companion you need, whether you are single or family. Frenchies are amazing dogs that come at a significant price but talk to any French Bulldog owner and they will tell you they are worth the investment.

Here’s Why:

●     They are Good With Kids

The best part that makes Frenchie an ideal family dog is that they are great with kids. Due to their low energy levels and tendency to overheat, they cannot play too robust with kids.

At the same time, they have a playful nature that keeps them and children active and kicking in the right amount, making no one overly exhausted.

●     Level of Aggression: Low

French Bulldogs generally get aces when checked for aggression. Their low levels of aggression are another reason you should keep them as pets with a family.

However, canine aggression can still show on if something irritates your pooch. Make sure your kids know the signs of canine aggression and how to react to that.

●     Level of Friendliness: High

The French Bulldogs were specially bred for companionship. They are lovable, playful, and loyal, and with their excellent sense of humor, they will make sure to keep you laughing. Because of their sense of humor and the way they entertain their master, they are also known as ‘clown dogs.’

●     A Perfect Fit for both Apartment and Homes

French bulldogs are lap dogs. They are easy to keep whether you live in an apartment or a home. Their size and loving personality together make them the perfect dog you can cuddle.

●     Not much of a Barking Breed

Another trait that makes Frenchies ideal to keep with family is their low tendencies to bark. Since their temperament is docile, it is rare something triggers their temperament unless they encounter a threat.

Despite having low barking levels, Frenchies still make great watchdogs due to their alertness. They will bark and let their master know if they feel something fishy around them.

●     Not much Need for Exercise

Frenchies are a breed that requires minimal exercise. With family and kids around, the exercise routine of your beloved pup usually gets neglected, resulting in serious health issues. Frenchies don’t ask for too much of your time to keep them active.

Last Words

Although French Bulldogs are a splendid family pet, they are affectionate, loyal, playful, funny, and are great for snuggling with them. There are a few things you still need to consider before making them a constant family member.

They have severe anxiety issues and should not be left alone for a longer span. They are poor swimmers, so children shouldn’t be allowed to play in the water in their presence. They have low endurance levels and a high tendency to get overheated, so too much rough play isn’t for them.

However, a comparative analysis for family pets will always put Frenchies in a winning place.


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