This product has allowed a husband-and-wife business to grow from 2 to over 30 employees and has allowed them to embrace their ethos of creating win/win/win/win scenarios!

Minibeasts Enterprises have been operating from Victoria for over a decade, supplying retailers Australia wide with millions of insects and thousands of rodents on a weekly basis.

“We operate on a win/win/win/win system, which means for every change we make in the business; it must create a win for the animal been fed/the animals’ caregiver/the retailer selling our products/and our business. If any decision made creates a losing situation in any of these areas, we go back and re-evaluate.”

“One major bottle neck we saw in the industry was that livefoods were seen by retailers and the public as hard to keep, always died quickly, were expensive and were restricted to more specialised shops.”

“The public who purchase livefoods, will visit a store on average twice a month, instead of once a month if buying dog/cat food. Those retailers stocking high quality livefoods, that can provide a point of difference, brings more customers to your store, and allows for increased sales.” states Managing Director Phillip Kerr.

Crickets are the main livefoods fed to reptiles and amphibians, and the company has designed the equivalent of a Swap and go system for crickets.

The Bucket of BugsTM is a product that allows retailers to provide a point of difference. This has eliminated the issue of the public not having access to substantial amounts of live food. They are provided with a cricket keeper which can be reused, and they are more comfortable in thinking about buying another exotic pet.

Pet retailers also get the added value of selling insects that have a longer shelf life (minimum 4 weeks), and as such, do not have to buy weekly and will receive less customer complaints while increasing the likelihood of selling more exotic pet accessories.

Did we forget to mention, currently the ‘Bucket of Bugs’TM saves over 150,000 single use plastic containers going to landfill per annum!

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