Touch Biotechnology has created Animal Diagnostics Tests for cats, dogs, and cattle that will detect and combat multiple pathogens in just 10-15 minutes.

Zoonotic diseases are transmitted from animal to humans, such as Covid-19, which is thought to have originated from bats before being transmitted to humans from an intermediate animal.

With more than 200 varieties of zoonoses known, they account for a significant portion of all infectious diseases discovered recently as well as numerous ones already in existence, such as Ebola, and HIV.

Touch Biotechnology’s innovative diagnostic test solutions will help with early diagnosis and treatment, are user-friendly, require minimal training, and provide high quality results (very high sensitivity of >97 per cent).

The FastVET range includes a Giardia Rapid Antigen Test, 5in1 Diarrhea Rapid Antigen Combo Test Kit, Toxo Rapid Antibody Test Kit, FCoV Ag + FCoV Ab Rapid Antigen Combo Test Kit, FIV Ab + FeLV Ag Rapid Antigen Combo Test Kit, and CCV+CPV+Giardia Rapid Antigen Combo Test Kit.

This range will help veterinarians, animal care professionals, and animal caretakers make informed decisions about the health and treatment of animals.

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