An award-winning artwork entitled ‘Shut Down’ by Pei Xiang is set to go to auction with all proceeds going towards Greyhound Rescue.

The money raised at auction will help the organisation rehabilitate more greyhounds and find their forever homes.

Xiang, who is currently studying engineering and medical science at the University of Technology in Sydney, said her work endeavours to convey the repetitive cycle, impact, and abusive culture of greyhound racing.

“My artwork is dedicated to the 18,000 greyhounds that are killed in Australia every year and the volunteers who work tirelessly to save their lives.”

In 2016, when former Premier Mike Baird reversed his decision to ban greyhound racing, Xiang raised $400 for Greyhound Rescue in lieu of presents for her 13th birthday.

Nat Panzarino, President of Greyhound Rescue, said not only is Xiang’s work beautiful, it is inspiring to see young people caring so passionately about a cause that is meaning to them.

“Her commitment to helping hounds in creative and innovative ways and using her talents to highlight this important cause is inspiring.” 

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