Pet Insurance Australia has reported that the use of mobile vets among their customers has more than doubled since 2019.

While the pandemic has led to an increase in pet ownership and demand for pet-related services, the growth of mobile vets highlights the importance of this sector.

Mobile vet services have become increasingly popular during the pandemic as people have become accustomed to on-demand services and the convenience of having services delivered to their homes.

Kiri Brandli, Operation Manager at Pawssum Mobile Vets, said that during Covid many Australians realised the importance of mobile vets.

“Pawssum Mobile Vets experienced an increase in demand for two main reasons. Since covid, people got used to on-demand services in all aspects of their lives. Same with their pets – people now tend to get food delivered and now invite Pawssum vet care to the home. We also witnessed a massive growth in pet ownership during covid.”

With a shortage of qualified veterinarians, mobile vet services are becoming critical in providing readily available and reliable care for Australian pets, especially for those pets who may suffer anxiety or stress when visiting a veterinary clinic.

Nadia Crighton, Pet Insurance Australia, said it’s not surprise to many in the industry that veterinarians have one of the most stressful jobs on the planet.

“Mobile vet services allow our hardworking and much-needed registered veterinarians to continue to work their magic while maintaining stress levels that go hand-in-hand with premium pet care.

“More services such as these can literally be a lifesaver for many Australian pets. Offering high-quality veterinarian care in the comfort of your home is a huge benefit to vets, pets, and their owners.”

Brandli said that Pawssum Mobile Vets offers services from sick pet consultations, vaccinations, and peaceful end-of-life care for pets.

“We also offer vet video calls to make it even easier for Australians to access top quality veterinarian advice from the comfort of their homes.”

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