Renowned comedian Kitty Flanagan has been named an ambassador to the recently launched Ninth Life Foundation.

The Foundation was established to rescue and rehome cats who are high care and in need of specific and dedicated support. Whether aged, abandoned or on death row, or with owners who are ailing and unable to care for them, Ninth Life is committed to finding new homes to help these cats transition into the next stage in their life.

Flanagan, who is a self-professed cat lover, has said she is delighted to be supporting the Ninth Life Foundation.

“As a passionate cat person, the Foundation’s ethos is close to my heart. I love that they focus on rehoming and taking care of older cats, it’s a very specific niche and one that’s often overlooked,” she says.

Jules dos Santos, Chair of the Foundation, says it’s important that cats are appropriately cared for no matter of their stage of life.

“It can be particularly difficult for older cats who often have health issues and need special care and attention, so finding the right home and environment to suit their particular traits is crucial.

“For us the individual care and ongoing welfare is paramount. And this helps owners too who may not be able to care for their cat any longer – they can be reassured that their cat’s needs will be met.”

The Foundation, a registered charity, provides each cat with a full health and wellness check when it takes them in and all those over seven receive a blood test too.