Now the dust has settled on Indepet’s 2022 Conference, we sit down with Todd Clarkson, CEO of Indepet, to discuss the event.

Held at Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast, the 2022 Indepet Conference ran for four days from 22-26 May and featured speakers from across the industry, a trade show, fun events, and multiple opportunities to network and mingle.

Pet: How did the conference go?

Clarkson: It was a huge success for us. One of our key goals is to build the network amongst our shareholders and let them share knowledge and engage with their peers and these type of events have been missing for a few years now.

Indepet is going through a transition for our next phase of growth and this conference was a great way to kick that off to our shareholders, supplier partners and industry as a whole.

Pet: What were the highlights for the team at Indepet?

Clarkson: Just seeing the collaboration between our shareholders and suppliers and the level of engagement everyone has in the ongoing success of the independent pet channel.

Pet: What feedback have you received from delegates about the conference?

Clarkson: There is a high level of excitement and confidence in the direction we are taking Indepet and I feel a real sense of renewed purpose from our shareholders to mobilise and work together.

Pet: Why drove the decision to launch a Shareholder of the Year award?

Clarkson: I think it is important to recognise the people who uphold the values and traits that you want to see in a group like ours. It takes a village for Indepet to be successful and this award is a way for us to celebrate one of our own for their amazing work.

Pet: What was it about Hans and Gail Pietet of Tails Pet Centre that made you select them as Australian Shareholder of the Year winners?

Clarkson: Hans and Gail are always engaged and supportive of what Indepet is doing. They participate in all the programs that we run, they provide insightful and critical feedback that allows us to improve, and most importantly they believe in what we are trying to build and are always available to help.

Pet: Is there anything else you’d like to add about this year’s conference?

Clarkson: Our mantra here at Indepet is STRONGER TOGETHER and this conference really gave me hope and encouragement that if we all work together we can create a strong, robust and lasting Independent pet channel – and I believe that is essential for the industry to prosper and for our customers and their pets to get the best outcomes.

Pet: Is there anyone you’d like to thank for their contributions in making the event a success?

Clarkson: This event is designed for our shareholders and their teams and without them there is no us – so we are always shareholder first in our thinking. But also, and extremely importantly, our supplier partners were such huge supporters and without them this event wouldn’t have been possible.

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