Todd Clarkson, CEO of Indepet, revealed the company’s new refreshed branding at the 2022 Indepet Conference.

Clarkson said the brand is executed in two different ways, one for customers with the words ‘Your Local Pet Store, Everywhere’ below the logo and one for the industry that reads ‘Independent, Stronger Together’.

“We need to be a brand that works for you to your customers, but we also need to be a brand that’s recognised in the industry. So, when we’re talking to potential new store, owners, our supplier partners, whatever it might be, it’s got to be able to have different messages for different clientele.”

The styling of the brand enables it to be used in a variety of ways across a multitude of colours, so regardless of the colour scheme of a store it will always work.

“It can be reproduced in multiple ways. It’s easy to embroider. It’s easy to print. It’s easy to sign. It’ll be cheap to reproduce because it’s a single colour. It’s strong, nice and easy. It’s got a dual purpose. So got an industry view and a customer view.”

Clarkson said the new brand is malleable and flexible enough to work with any colour or shape and will work with any brand, and can be used as co-branding on things such as store-fronts, uniforms, and digital communications.

“We want all of you to put it on your stores, but we don’t want you to be forced to. I don’t know that ugly blue thing on the store. We want you to go, ‘I’m proud of what I’m part of, I’m proud of this thing that I own and I’m going to put this level of endorsement on my store’ and we will work on other things that you can do in your store to tell your story.”

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