Leading animal welfare charity Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) has appointed pet behaviourist and dog trainer Lara Shannon and media presenter John Deeks as its new ambassadors.

Australia CAN
John Deeks with Daisy and Simon

The two new ambassadors will work with Australia CAN to further its mission of bringing people and pets together.

Australia CAN promotes the human animal bond and responsible pet ownership through national campaigns, partnerships, and initiatives. It also represents the companion animal welfare work of six member agencies that provide rescue, shelter, re-homing, fostering, health care and enrichment services to more than 50,000 animals every year.

Trish Ennis, CEO, Australia CAN, said she is honoured to welcome the two ambassadors who are supporting the charity’s mission in developing and promoting programs that deliver high welfare standards for companion animals, such as Rent with Pets, Pets in Aged Care and Pets in Business.

“Following the increase of pet ownership during the pandemic lockdowns and the isolation of our senior citizens, it’s more important than ever to support pets in aged care settings as well as workplaces,” she said.

“Lara and John spend their time and effort increasing the human-animal bond through building public awareness. They embody our values and are totally engaged to support our mission. Both John and Lara are massive talents, and I am honoured to have them join us.”

A long-time animal welfare advocate, Shannon is an author and the Presenter of Channel 10’s Pooches at Play program.

“Helping to reduce the amount of companion animals ending up in shelters and being needlessly euthanised is the overall goal for everything that I do,” she said.

“Supporting a national organisation like Companion Animal Network Australia that can represent different state bodies is a great way to have a powerful and national impact.”

A veteran Channel 7 announcer and current presenter on Your Live Choices podcast, Deeks feels a personal connection to Australia CAN as he has seen the positive effect animals bring to human lives, whether it be a family pet or a companion.

“It has been scientifically proven that animals bring great benefit to our lives. I want to help raise awareness in my community and work in tandem with Australia CAN in their commitment to promote companion animals within the wider community.”