Hailing from the UK, Sam March grew up with animals and has always had a passion for helping them, which is now showcased on Channel 10 show The Dog House Australia.

Since becoming Shelter Manager at the Animal Welfare League NSW, March has successfully restructured the shelter team, dropped euthanasia rates below one per cent (down from nine per cent), tripled rehoming rates, and almost stopped staff turnover by improving working conditions through providing constant training and mentorship.

“My passion to help animals growing up led me down the path of working with animals, as they have so much love to give back,” said March.

Changing the structure of the Animal Welfare League NSW shelter, along with Naomi Sinclair, is one of March’s proudest achievements and he plans to continue the expansion of the pound network to help rehome more animals through the shelter and save animals from death row.

“My goal within the next three years is to change the standard of welfare work across the state in pounds and shelters.”

Following the 2019/2020 bushfires in Bega and across the state, March, alongside other team members, was awarded the NSW Premier’s Bushfire Emergency Citation for his help.

“The impact I want to leave on the pet industry is that I was able to change the standard of welfare in shelters and pounds across Australia.

“Through the show The Dog House Australia, I want to educate people on the importance of animal care and showcase that shelter animals aren’t broken, they just need a second chance.”

March was recently featured in Pet Industry News’ Industry Game Changers list, an achievement that he said he was honoured to be nominated for.

“It’s my passion to work in the pet industry and to make changes to animals’ lives, and to be recognised for that is something I will always be proud of.”

There is no doubting March’s commitment to animal welfare, and that he lives by the motto ‘It is a privilege to own an animal and not a right’ is a testament to March’s unwavering dedication to ensuring all animals in his care receive the best possible outcome.

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