Peter ‘Nobbsy’ Nobbs, and industry stalwart and the former CEO of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA), has established a GoFundMe page to raise money for the GibbonSong Enterprise.

White handed gibbons are an endangered species that live in the tropical rainforests of southern and southeast Asia. They make their homes in the countries of Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Nobbsy says that hearing the gibbons singing to each other across the remote North Thailand mountains is an almost spiritual experience for any animal lover. But without assistance, their songs could ultimately disappear.

GibbonSong is a name given to a whole group of initiatives that have been created and continue to be sponsored by generous, animal-loving humanitarians to rebuild the financial viability of a Northern Thailand Hill Tribe village after the height of Covid-19.

The GibbonSong project is run by local managers Ekraj and Siriphun Thonglueng, External Manager and Funding Organiser, Peter Nobbs (Nobbsy), and Associate Sponsors, Vince Browning, Nick and Carolyn Harding, Pete Fekkes, and Geoff Hemmings.

“We are doing some practical work to enhance the security of the wildlife and flora of a Karen Hill Tribe village in northern Thailand,” explains Nobbsy.

“Every cent raised will go directly to the people and fauna in the town. We are giving the locals some ideas on generating income and looking after what they already have, fantastic fauna, flora, and their natural environment.”

The GibbonSong Enterprise will help rebuild the Go With Me Tours eco-trekking business after the devastation of Covid-19. And just as importantly, GibbonSong will install several projects that enhance the survival chances of the local fauna and flora. This includes some seriously threatened local White Handed Gibbons and the spectacular tropical regional bird life.

All operations will employ local people. There’s a whole list of opportunities for the village and the regional wildlife.

All funds will go directly to the Karen Hill Tribe village via Ekraj and Siriphun Thonglueng – part of the Karen community. All External Management and Associate Sponsors from Australia volunteer their time and expertise. Any external costs are paid for by the External Management and the Associate Sponsors themselves.

As the donated funds come in, the various projects will be completed. The accommodation project will allow a limited number of tourist visitors to visit this remote village and stay in comfort. Visitors will see and hear the real thing with no western influence that could destroy their Karen Hill Tribe culture.

GibbonSong Enterprises and tours will include:

• Branding and marketing of GibbonSong Coffee. Ethical, single source, select premium coffee beans grown in and around the village.

• Setting up a ‘Coffee Lounge’ in the GibbonSong area to serve this local brew authentically.

• Four twin-share cabins with power will be constructed with Western-style toilets and showers.

• Guided regional tours – mountain trekking for the very fit or by 4WD with a cultural interpreter and driver.

• Bird watching day trips with English-speaking local experts in locating and identifying rare species to observe and photograph.

• Wildlife and birdlife observation hides near our supplementary feed stations.

• Mekong River and Kok River trip excursions into northern Thailand.

“The GibbonSong Enterprise is a fundraiser to assist many people to get back on their feet and help save the White Handed Gibbon from extinction,” says Nobbsy.

“GibbonSong is effectively a ‘startup fund’ because the plan is for the enterprise to be self-sustaining. Therefore, many Karen people in and around the village will grow and sustain the various projects into the future without needing any assistance from you or me.

“GibbonSong Enterprises will not, under any circumstances, modernise, corrupt, or westernise the existing culture of this farming Karen Hill Tribe community.

“By 2023, you will be able to contact GibbonSong Tours and have an affordable, life-changing visit to this Chiang Mai regional Hill Tribe village, stay onsite, observe the environment, and hopefully hear and see the wild Gibbons. See the birdlife and, if you wish, participate in a range of regional excursions with several local Karen people safely guiding you through the experience.”

To help Nobbsy and GibbonSong Enterprises to reach their $40,000 goal, you can donate here.

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