The Company of Animals Pet Centre have launched Coachi, a new training brand that brings together the training and play categories.

The new range of accessories has been designed to inject fun and play into the pet’s learning journey and is divided into three categories – Learn, Play, and Fun and Tricks – to cover all stages of dog training and development.

Dr Roger Mugford, founder of Company of Animals (COA), said training a dog will strengthen the bond between the pet and owner and ultimately ensure both parties can settle into a happy, harmonious life together.

“Play is an essential part of cognitive, emotional, and physical development and so, in the interest of animal welfare and happiness, it seemed only logical to combine the two for a positive, balanced, and happy approach to dog training.”

A global study commissioned by COA found that 68 per cent of consumers prioritised humane training methods over all other training product needs, with effectiveness, good quality, and easy to use designs following suit.

The Coachi range was designed to adhere to these consumer desires and the products feature QR codes on the packaging to offer owners further support.

COA say that the recently launched range is consumer friendly, simple to shop, and easy to use and understand. It is suitable for all puppies and dogs aged over eight weeks and can be used to tackle challenges presented to all new and existing dog owners, as well as providing new innovation for those more experienced, dog trainers and professionals.

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