In 2021, PETstock established the Petspiration Group as the parent company for its leading network of pet care brands, products and services.

Pet Industry News recently caught up with David Young, Managing Director of Petspiration Group to find out about the businesses evolution and what the future holds.

Pet Industry News: How has PETstock evolved since that first store opening back in 1991?

David Young: Our family-owned and Ballarat operated business PETstock was founded in regional Victoria in 1991 as Ballarat Produce, and in 2002 became PETstock. 

In 2021 following significant business changes and year-on-year company growth, PETstock established the Petspiration Group as the parent company for its leading network of pet care brands, products and services.

Today the Group is led by my brother Shane and I and has evolved to include 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand, five distribution centres, 150 grooming salons, 25 vet hospitals, three cat boarding facilities, 3,000 employees and includes 20 brands in the pet, hobby farm, veterinary and specialty sectors. The Petspiration Group also distributes through a number of owned and affiliated e-commerce platforms in Australia and New Zealand.

Pets bring us together and make us better people. The Petspiration Group is committed to growing the business in 2022 and beyond by leading with our core purpose of ‘Coming together for the pets that inspire us’.

Our values are strongly centred around pets, people and the planet, Shane and I remain confident we can build a stronger and more sustainable pet care community with a diverse portfolio of retailers, products, and services, in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

PIN: How does it feel to have now opened your 200th PETstock store?

Young: This month we are excited to announce the opening of our 200th store, which is to become our fourth retail store in our hometown of Ballarat, Victoria.

It made sense to open PETstock’s 200th store back where it all began and looking back at the past three decades, it’s no surprise that we’ve been able to open 200 stores thanks to our network of valued PETstock people that work tirelessly to care for furry, feathery, or scaly pets across the country. As a family-owned and operated business, we wanted to celebrate our humble beginnings and create another space where we could cater and care for Ballarat pets and their owners.

PIN: What’s the philosophy at The Petspiration Group and how does it differ from its competitors?

Young: Built on family values and a passion for pets, Shane and I are both proud of the culture of the organisation which is focused on treating its customers, pets, employees, and partners like family.

A key motivation for the establishment of the Petspiration Group parent brand was to ensure all employees, no matter which brand they worked for, feel they belong and can benefit from the career and business opportunities of the Group.

As leaders in pet care, we know that we offer the best quality pet care products, services, and advice to all our customers, and help to make a difference to the lives of those supported by animals through our charity organisation, The Petspiration Foundation (formally PETstock Assist).

The Petspiration Group is committed to supporting the needs of pet owners by offering a market-leading ecosystem of pet care products and services, delivered by an exceptional team of talented staff.

Our point of difference to competitors is that the Group’s success is founded in the care, commitment and culture that is modelled and lived by the entire organisation. It is a truly purpose-led organisation focused on people, their pets, and the planet.

What’s next for the Petspiration Group?

Young: The year ahead for the Petspiration Group is looking extremely promising as we continue to be committed to providing the best in pet care. The work that we do within our stores, ‘best in the breed’ vet hospitals, and grooming salons is what we do best, and we’ll continue to do that.

In recent years, the Petspiration Group has made several successful acquisitions such as the Animal Tuckerbox business in Tasmania and Caribu, a leading Australian equine product brand. Shane and I are proud to be custodians of these brands and are focused on bringing together the best of these businesses with their industry knowledge and expertise. The company will continue showcasing new and existing products via its exclusives, private label, and seasonal offerings.

We recently launched PETstock Country, where we also service the hobby farmer as well as domestic animals. There are three PETstock Country stores open now with more to follow.

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