Tickets are now available for the second dog degustation dinner, called Dog.ustation, in Melbourne on 26 February.

The event is the lovechild of Riesa Renata, author of two dog cookbooks, and Kate Opitz, owner of The Saltiest Dog. The previous Dog.ustation, which was held on 26 January, sold out within 24 hours.

Renata said she wants to serve MasterChef dishes that not only look beautiful but are also healthy and delicious.

“My heart is full when the dogs love the food, and their owners are in awe watching their beloved eat with enthusiasm and excitement.”

Each Dog.ustation features a three course meal, with the upcoming event featuring a ‘bush tucker’ theme for dogs, incorporating native fresh food ingredients, including mocktails for the dogs and cocktails for the owners.

There is also a take-home option for dogs that may feel uncomfortable in the social setting but still want to experience the fancy food.

Guests from the first event described it as beautiful and stunning using impressively created food that is nutritious and healthy for dogs.

Samantha, owner of Delilah, said it was amazing and the meals looked spectacular.

“I felt like we were at a royal feast for fancy pants rich people. I’m sure Delilah thought so too in the one second she allowed before devouring the meals.”

Opitz, who’s The Saltiest Dog pet food store provides locally made raw food and dog treats, wants her shop to be a place where pets and their parents can enjoy a unique and memorable experience together.

“Pet parents of today want to do everything with their dog, so this event is made for them to spoil their pets because ultimately our pets bring us so much joy, they deserve it!”

The Dog.ustation Dinner is taking place at 4-6pm on the 26 February at The Saltiest Dog in Thornbury. Tickets are $150 and are available here.

Takeaway dinners are $50 and can be purchased here.

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