Australian pet snack brand Doggylicious has secured national ranging with PETstock with its three variants of Doggy Butters.

The Doggylicious Doggy Butters are 100 per cent Australian made using human grade ingredients and contain no salt, sugar, or xylitol – a sugar-replacement sweetener often found in mainstream peanut butters that is poisonous to dogs.

Ben Whyatt, CEO of Doggylicious, is excited to see how customers take to the range, which includes a calming butter, a hip, joint and coat butter, and an original flavour.

“We can’t wait to see the response from the PETstock customers. This is a fantastic opportunity for the brand. Since launching the doggy butter range a couple of month ago it has been all hands on deck to keep up with orders, we just love the feedback and customer photos we are getting back.”

Whyatt also stressed the importance of maintaining a reasonable price point of $7.95, making it not dissimilar to the price of peanut butter you’d find in the spread aisle.

“Instead of being greedy, we just thought realistically what would someone pay for peanut butter in the spreads aisle, so what would they pay for it in the pet aisle, because the biggest question I get asked is ‘well, why wouldn’t I just buy peanut butter in the spread section?’, but we’ve made Doggy Butter dog specific so owners aren’t questioning whether it’s safe for their dogs.”

The Doggylicious doggy butters can be used for a range of purposes, spread into toys such as Kong’s or LickiMats to keep dogs entertained, use to hide medication or spread some onto your bathtub to get dogs to stay still when washing or grooming them.