Dogs Australia has announced that a National Canine Grooming Committee to be formed to conduct FCI Grooming Competitions.

Following discussions with Mr Chua Ming-Kok, President of the FCI Grooming Commission, the Dogs Australia Board of Directors made the decision to form the committee.

In the coming months, the Committee will be formulating Competition Rules and Judges Approval Regulations for consideration by the Dogs Australia Board, and in the future, it will be offering a Dogs Australia Groomers Certification Program.

There are currently 5000 canine groomers in Australia, and to participate in FCI competitions, a canine groomer must be a Dogs Australia Member Body. The introduction of Canine Grooming will see an increase in membership and bring the list of competitive sports that it offers to members to 15.

Other competitive sports are Agility, Dances with Dogs, Trick Dog, Draft Test, Earthdog Test, Endurance, Flyball, Herding, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Tracking, Retrieving and Field, Scent Work and Sled Sports.

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