Upon gaining her driver’s license at 16, Emily Martin began volunteering at RSPCA, performing the 5am clean-up shift.

This early affinity for animals and the desire to help them, led Martin to founding and becoming Director of Dundies, a pet health and hygiene company that specialises in reusable pet nappies.

“With over 12 months of research and development into our products, alongside vets and leading pet health professionals, Dundies aims to reduce premature euthanasia rates in pets suffering manageable health conditions such as incontinence.”

Over her career Martin hopes to reduce the premature euthanasia rates in pets suffering from manageable health conditions such as incontinence, mobility, palliative care, and more.

“I am aiming to make an impact and change the way we view animal welfare, bringing a more all-round approach of management before considering euthanasia. I would like to grow Dundies to a large-scale international brand, bringing education and our products to all pet owners who need us.”

Dundies currently has a team of 15, producing high quality, reusable pet nappies for sale direct to consumer and to its national and international stockists.

“We offer an ever-growing range of tools for pet owners currently focusing in on incontinence, senior pets, and mobility support. We also provide free educational resources in blogs and videos to help educate and empower owners.”

Highlights for Martin and Dundies include being featured on Channel 10’s The Project, winning multiple awards with national and international recognition, signing a distribution deal with Animates in New Zealand and Pet Circle in Australia.

“The pet industry in Australia is great but it is still young and small compared to our friends around the globe. I am excited to see the changes in the future with having a more pet friendly and welcoming society, allowing for animals on public transport and in rental homes.”

Martin believes that as we enter a new era with four generations of pet owners, we will see a greater push for animal wellness and inclusion.

“I am all for and excited to see those changes, and think that a focus on animal health care and wellbeing will positively impact peoples overall happiness and health as well.”

On being recognised as a Young Gun, Martin says it is a great honour and achievement, and to her is much more than just being a name on a list.

“It means that the pet industry recognises the work that I am doing as a good thing and it would like to see more change in the direction that Dundies is working in. The recognition of Young Gun would expand our current reach and allow us to create an even bigger impact towards achieving our overarching mission.”

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