Furbo has released its newest model of dog camera, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera, featuring a rotating camera to keep dogs safe and happy at home.

Following on the success of the Furbo Dog Camera, the number one best-selling pet camera on Amazon, Furbo’s newest iteration features a rotating camera, two-way audio, night vision, and even the ability to toss treats to your lonely pup.

Victor Change, CEO of Furbo, said Furbo’s dog detection AI technology is always getting smarter at looking after dogs at home.

“Furbo is designed by pet parents for pet parents, and we’re very excited that the new Furbo can give them extra peace of mind.”

Amongst some of the impressive AI technology is Furbo’s sound-activated barking alerts, which can detect the difference between a garden variety bark, crying, or more severe, a crucial too for any pup parent.

Maggie Cheung, CMO and Co-Founder of Furbo, said since its launch Furbo has saved thousands of dogs’ lives through its cutting-edge dog recognition technology.

“From our community’s feedback, we’ve developed the new Furbo with a 360° view to keep even more dogs safe and happy.”

The 1080p full HD vision means the Furbo 360° gives crisp vision, day or night, and its new feature, Auto Dog Tracking, rotates to track you dog as it moves around the room, ensuring there’s always a watchful eye on your dog.

For those working late or away from home at night, the new colour night vision feature produces colour vision in low light, while the enhanced night vision technology gives detailed images in full darkness.

While real-time two-way audio means you can seamlessly hear and speak with your pet, or other family members, while they’re at home, offering your soothing voice to help alleviate separation anxiety or even toss them a treat.

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is available through their website or Amazon from 7 June, and comes at a RRP$359.

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