IndePet’s annual conference will take place in Rotorua, New Zealand on 19-22 May 2024, for a week of learning, networking, and fun.

Previous conferences have had the theme of Stronger Together, Leveled Up, and this conference will have the theme of Momentum.

During the conference, IndePet will be discussing the strategies and tools in place to help members achieve the best outcomes, as well as how to keep up with the unprecedented growth within the pet industry.

“We are here to continue to grow and cement our place in the market. Working together, embracing change, and using the resources and tools we have is our biggest opportunity. So how do we do it? Come to our conference in Rotorua and find out! Our 2024 conference is all about building our momentum as we continue to grow together and with our supplier partners,” said IndePet.

The conference will be held at Novotel Lakeside Rotorua, as well as at several off-location events and activities. Attendees can participate in conference sessions, breakout sessions, the trade exhibition, networking activities, and evening social and cultural experiences.

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