Having a partner as a vet, Nathan Olivieri would often hear stories of challenging or problem cases from her day at work. It was these discussions that led them both to realise that many pet issues, such as health, behaviour, or dog abandonment, could be traced back to the early stages of a pet’s life.

This is when Olivieri decided to start RightPaw, a start-up that creates a simpler, safer, and more supportive way to find a new dog online. RightPaw allows pet owners to find a new puppy from verified, responsible breeders, and gives breeders a platform to manage their puppy applications and breeding program in one place.

“I’d love to see more public awareness and education on how to find a pet responsibly. There is a big job to do in raising awareness on this issue, and we can’t do it alone! I’d love to see government and industry taking an interest in this as well.”

As CEO and Co-Founder at RightPaw, Olivieri has seen RightPaw grow to nearly 1000 breeders, with tens of thousands of puppy applications a year, in just over two and a half years.

“The responsible dog breeders on RightPaw inspire me every day. Their incredible dedication to their breeding programs often goes unnoticed to the general public. They invest considerable expense into their dogs’ health, devote countless hours to dog chores and care, and spend many sleepless nights raising a new puppy litter – often sleeping on the floor next to the pups! And this is on top of their normal day jobs! Honestly amazing.”

During his career, Olivieri hopes to create a future where all new pet owners can easily and confidently find their new best friend online, safe in the knowledge they have found their perfect pet from a responsible place.

“Being recognised as a Young Gun would be a fantastic spotlight on the work that our whole RightPaw team is doing. They are true advocates for responsible ownership and pets everywhere, and I’m so proud to work with such passionate people.”

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