This week, our Pet Industry News newsletter is dedicated to some of the best and brightest, up-and-coming talent that the pet industry has to offer.

We put the call out, and you nominated the top performing young people from across the industry. From retailers to veterinarians, and even a YouTube sensation, these are who you nominated as the 2023 Pet Industry News Young Guns.

We were overwhelmed by the number of nominations that we received, and we thank every person who reached out to us over the past few months. All nominees were contacted by Pet Industry News, and asked a series of questions, which enabled us to evaluate each nominee and come to our final list of 15 Young Guns.

In this newsletter you’ll find articles on seven of the young talent that really stood out to us, and below is a full list of the Young Guns, as voted by you.

2023 Pet Industry News Young Guns

  • Ben Dessen, Retail Manager, Kellyville Pets
  • Dr Alex Kennedy, Veterinary Resident, SASH
  • Allana Langdon, Rehabilitation Therapist, SASH
  • Britney Westaway, Store Manager, Pet Destination
  • Nathan Olivieri, Co-Founder and CEO, RightPaw
  • Tarun Chid, Aquatic Content Creator, YouTube
  • Emily Martin, Founder and Director, Dundies
  • Jessica Joosse, Consumer Care Advisor, Royal Canin ANZ
  • Christian Bonney, Trainer, Bonnies Dog Obedience and Puppy School
  • Emily Burns, Founder, Pawz & Me
  • Felicite Vella, Store Manager, PETQuarters
  • James Holloway, Retail Assistant, Majestic Aquariums
  • Lauren Goodman, Vet Nurse, Breeder, Volunteer, Rescue, Cottage Canines
  • Maddy Strichow, Store Manager, PETQuarters
  • Brianna Done, Dog Behaviourist, Best Friend Dog Care

The full article of Pet Industry News’ Young Guns can be read in the Feb-Apr issue of Pet Industry News, which is available online here.

In other news, the May-July issue of Pet Industry News will be one of our most read given we are covering the all-important topic of sustainability in the pet industry; something more and more people are concerned about. Plus, we’ll look at the hottest trends and current regulations in retailing exotic pets and how to care for senior pets. It will be a bumper.

  • Sustainability – brands and production: Sustainability is at the forefront of the minds of consumers, with studies showing that shoppers will actively seek out, and spend more, on brands that are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Here we speak to suppliers to find out their sustainability targets and shine a spotlight on eco-friendly pet products (food, accessories, etc) that are currently on the market.
  • Trends and developments in the keeping of small and exotic pets: Exotic animals are on the rise as pets, but owning an exotic pet comes with a unique set of challenges. Here we look at exotic pet enclosures, the best new release accessories and enrichment, food and toys, as well as best practice retailing of exotic pets, and their unique veterinary needs.
  • Senior Pets: As pet ownership in Australia skyrockets, shortly too will the demand for products, services, and accessories for senior pets. We take a look at the specialised categories that will be needed to meet that increased demand, from movement and mobility accessories, to dental, eyesight, hearing, and incontinence care. 
  • What’s New: A product profile article up the front of the magazine that aims to drive brand awareness, education, and a call-to-action.

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