New research shows that 41.4 per cent of Australians let their pets sleep with them to show them affection.

The research by Compare the Market also revealed that 32.3 have put off holidays in order to not leave their pets behind, while 20.1 per cent have used their pet as an excuse to get out of social situations.

The impact that pets have on their families is very obvious with 35.1 per cent of respondents stating that their pet has impacted their living situation, and 15.2 per cent saying they buy their pets Christmas presents.

Despite the obvious love owners have for their pets, a quarter of owners have not taken their pet for an annual check-up in the past year.

Adrian Taylor, General Manager of Insurance at Compare the Market, said annual visits can be extremely crucial in finding any ailments early, which, if left untreated, could fester into severe diseases or pain for the pet.

“Pets have now become another member of the family, with our research showing just how much time, effort and money people are willing to spend on their pets. Yet, unlike taking ourselves or children to the GP for annual check-ups, there’s a sizeable amount of pet owners who neglect to make sure that their pet is in tip-top shape.”

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