Just one in ten pet owners prioritise regular at-home pet health checks or routines, reveals a new report by PetSure.

The research reveals that 20 per cent of owners devote up to five hours a week pampering their pet, while the 65 per cent of pet parents that have an at-home health routine, only spend up to an hour a week on pet health checks.

Dr Betty Chan, Vet Advisor at PetSure, said like many pet owners, vets are animal lovers and they want the best for pets, but pet parents need to do their due diligence.

“While pampering can provide enrichment for pets, it’s simple things like regularly brushing your dog’s teeth or checking for fleas and ticks that pet parents should prioritise.

“Being proactive with a regular at-home health routine could help detect and address issues early on, resulting in better pet healthcare outcomes. In some cases, this could mean a health condition is less complex and costly to treat – leading to a more positive experience for pets, their owners, and vets.”

Pet owners spend $3 billion every year on pet toys and accessories in Australia, with 82 per cent of owners spoiling their pets with human food, gifts, clothes, and toys each month.

In contrast, just 38 per cent of respondents could spot signs of stomach or gut issues in their pets, and less than a third (28 per cent), brush their pet’s teeth each week, despite it being an important way to avoid dental disease, and only 36 per cent clean their pet’s ears.

“Being financially prepared for pet healthcare costs, such as having a pet insurance policy or savings can be important too, as it means you’ll be empowered to follow the recommended course of treatment and manage veterinary expenses next time you’re at the clinic,” said Chan.

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