It’s just under two weeks before IndePet heads to the dreamy island nation of Fiji for its highly anticipated 2023 ‘Level Up’ Conference.

With over 110 attendees making the trip, the conference, which kicks off on 21 May, will feature shareholders from both Australia and New Zealand coming together for the first time since the pandemic, providing a perfect opportunity to connect and network in an idyllic location.

Todd Clarkson, CEO of Indepet, said it is set to be their biggest conference to date, with all key suppliers in attendance.

“From a shareholder perspective it’s really important for the group that we all come together and align with our plans for the future and also connect, which has been a while for our Australian and New Zealand members.

“The purpose of the conference is for us to provide the tools and knowledge to allow IndePet stores (and all independent pet stores) to effectively positive themselves apart from their corporate competitors.”

Suppliers will have the opportunity to connect with IndePet members, store managers, and key team members in both a business and social setting, while getting an early look at the new initiatives and plans that IndePet has for the coming year.

Keynote speaker will be Brian Walker, CEO of the Retail Doctor Group, who will deliver a talk that builds on the recent ‘Fit for business’ webinar series he hosted exclusively for IndePet members.

“We will also hear from some of our IndePet members about their real-world experience as they share best practice from their stores. Our supplier partners will also be discussing the changes and challenges the industry is facing and how they can help independent retailers thrive through this time.

“IndePet management will also be providing business updates and unveiling even more services to help IndePet members adapt and thrive,” explained Clarkson.

Business aside, delegates can expect to immerse themselves in Fijian culture and participate in meals under the stars, a private island adventure, a trivia night, and group activities such as water sports, golf, a village tour, and mud baths.

“Everyone seems very excited to make it over and we’re grateful everyone is making an effort to join us overseas.”

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