As we take time to reflect on the year that’s been and plan for the year to come, setting resolutions for your pet is crucial for their happiness and health in 2023.  

Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia said pet owners should consider how extended lockdowns have affected their pets in the past few years. 

“2023 is finally here, and as many of us consider healthier lifestyle choices as we take the first tentative steps into a New Year, it’s also a good time to consider our pets.

“With lockdowns hopefully a thing of the past, many pets need attention regarding behaviour issues and health concerns. Making a New Year’s resolution with your pet in mind could be an important option,” she said. 

Like their owners, many pets have put on weight due to decreased activity over the past few years. “If you suspect your pet is having weight issues, now is the perfect time to make 2023 the year you battle your beloved pet’s bulge,” said Crighton. 

“Chatting with your vet and making an active choice to ensure your pet is at their healthy weight range will not only increase the well-being of your furry friend, but it will also help prevent many future medical issues,” she said. 

Behavioural problems are also increasing as the pet population boomed during lockdowns, and dogs especially missed out on vital socialisation and training in their formative period. 

Crighton cited the recent increase of postal workers complaining about out-of-control dogs as an example of issues regarding dog behaviour. Having spent long stretches at home with their owners, many dogs now struggle with separation anxiety as owners head back to the office. 

“Make a promise to your pet that you will take active steps to improve any behavioural problems in your household,” suggests Crighton. “Speaking to a dog training professional and ironing out this problem is vital for your pet’s safety and the bond you share.”

“As we all make those steps to conquer our 2023 New Year resolutions, keeping our pets in mind is a great way to ensure they are happy, well-rounded, and healthy pets.

“Pet-related problems can be easily understood and solved with the right advice, allowing you to reap the rewards while promoting responsible pet ownership,” said Crighton. 

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